Our core competency is the domain of projects and organizational changes with typically an IT component. Setting up, managing, assessing or saving projects is what our clients typically ask us to do. Our joint experience - over half a century of business - is a fruitful basis with concepts and recipies to drive success. And not to forget that team collaboration and motivation are the most important factors, deserving our full attention and care.



A large portion of our experience was collected in the retail and pharmaceutical industries. But over the course of time, we also had the opportunity to get involved in finance, telecommunications and market research industries.



Guy Barrénéchéa combines excellent IT & SCM leadership experience in highly demanding and fast business environments. He developed innovative strategies and implemented them in rapidly changing organizations. Guy delivered results in organizational redesign, quality improvement and cost savings programs, was member of executive committees in mid to large sized international companies. He managed different business cycles, growth, consolidation, restructuring ad is experienced in optimizing cost and service with external suppliers. His main industry experience is in Retail, Logistics, Financial Services.

Here an extract of his major projects as a CIO or as a project leader:

  • Definition and implementation of IT and supply chain strategies

  • Replacement of an entire IT infrastructure and creation of a 2nd data center as a back-up

  • Introduction of an IT security program

  • Implementation of several ERP systems for retailers

  • Creation of a data warehouse for analysis of performance ( sales, rotation…..)

  • Organization and processes optimization

  • Optimization of purchase conditions and methods of negotiation with suppliers

  • Business processing outsourcing logistics of international retailer including contracts , reducing costs by 50% in 3 years


Patrick Borel is an experienced management consultant with broad industry knowledge. He successfully delivered national and international client projects. In over 25 years he built his experience in business management and IT with emphasis in data and information governance. Key to his success are excellent analytical skills, his ability to abstract complex situations and an integrative personality. These qualities helped him to implement his projects, business development and IT reorganizations in a sustainable manner. Respect and commitment in working with people allows Patrick to turn potential conflicts into winning situations.

An extract of some major projects he managed:

  • Establish business intelligence in the clinical development unit of a biotech company

  • Introduce Disaster Recovery and extend Business Continuity Management in a global company

  • Consolidating IT unit and introduce service management in a global organization

  • Transforming a global IT organization into a service oriented organization

  • Establishing project business for a multinational IT service company

  • Introducing advanced analytics (data mining) in a telecommunication company

  • Developing and establishing a business unit for supporting computerized systems validation services (CSV) in the pharmaceutical industry